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Textile Marker Pens  on RTC Online 

• Classic MARK PEN has been developed for marking on Grey Cloth, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Hosiery, Wooden, Synthetics OR Blended Fabrics products from the looming stage for identification before being bleached, dyed or printed.
• Classic Mark pens are for permanent marking which endures various Textile Processes under acidic/alkaline Chemicals and High Temperature & Pressure condition.
• The Markings are indelible which dries instantly and does not bleed, stain or damage the fabric.
• It's simple in use as a ball pen, ensures clear, smooth and continuous marking
• Classic MARK PEN has high visibility which shows upon fabric dyed in any colors shade (dark, bright & light) after the complete process.
• It leads to a considerable economy i.e. One Mark pen marks 600-700 piece length.
• It’s a must for convenience and efficiency in the processing department.

Classic Mark Pen is for permanent markings on the grey cloth from the looming stage to be marked for certification before bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing. Our unique mark pen is the basic necessity of every processing unit. Classic mark pen is durable against various acidic, alkaline, chemicals, high temperature in textile processes & pressure conditions. This is widely used in,
Textile Processors
• Textile Mill Gin Stores, Accessories Suppliers
Textile Export-Import House
Hosiery Knitting & Processing Units
• Spinning, Twisting & Weaving Units
• Grey Merchant & Grey Manufacturing Uni

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