8086 microprocessor trainer MIDAS -8086 Korea

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  • Program debugging function by PC
  • Program download and trace function
  • Display to register contents
  • Memory contents modification and dump function
  • Various command function
  • Include with step motor interface circuit
  • Dot matrix experiment
  • LCD 9Liquid Crystan Display) 16 x 2 line experiment
  • D/A and A/D converter experiment
  • Sound experiment by speaker
  • Interrup experiment
  • A/D converter experiment by thermistor
  • D/A converter experiment by level meter
  • Keyboard experiment
  • External interface connector
  • LED display of current system bus status
  • +5V, +12V. -12V S.M.P.S. (Free Voltage) Power (110V/220V)
  • Wood case

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